"Behold from their seed shall arise another generation, much afterwards; He who raises that generation shall reveal to them the books of thy handwriting."

-Secrets of Enoch 35:1-2

About the Book

According to a six thousand year old prophecy hidden in the Apocrypha, the last surviving descendant of Enoch will inherit the secret of creation, enabling him or her to literally create the future with the stroke of a pen. In order to protect that survivor, the identity of the last descendant has remained one of mankind's longest running mysteries and is considered by most scholars to be the most dangerous person who will ever live.

Behind the scenes of the world's largest mega-church, 18-year-old Hope Matthews can't wait to leave for college. As far as she's concerned, her stepfather's meteoric rise to fame as America's favorite televangelist has done nothing but make her life miserable.

Constantly surrounded by cameras and an embarrassment to her famous family, the only thing worse than her reputation as a troublemaker are the rumors surrounding her personal diary. When a jealous prank between siblings puts the unreadable contents of that diary into the spotlight, she's labeled as a having a mental illness. She soon finds herself the target of a bizarre conspiracy, accused of a brutal murder.

Wanted by the authorities and unaware of her world changing power, she flees from the sheltered life she's known. Hiding herself in an underground world of runaways, rebels and graffiti artists, she's secretly followed and protected by a powerful stranger named Yuri, whose mysterious origins run deeper than the scars that cover his body. A violent encounter uncovers the truth about her heritage, and she is faced with an impossible choice - if she saves herself and the people who betrayed her, it will destroy everyone she loves.

From the streets of Portland, Oregon to the catacombs of Paris, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary destiny must find the courage to write a new world into existence as supernatural forces wage war for control, all of them determined to rewrite the future of humanity by becoming masters of The Last Scribe.

The Last Scribe Novellas

When his flame-haired partner disappears after a brutal beating, the legendary Irin enforcer known as Riley Storm sets out to bring her back. Ending his search in Los Angeles, territory he once ruled over, he discovers an alarming secret behind the city's most violent criminals and decides to reclaim not only his fiery companion and fiercest ally but the land he once called home.

When the prophesied last descendant of Enoch is born lifeless, the immortal Irin Scepter tasked with ensuring her survival takes matters into his own hands. Breathing his own life into her, they not only share a heartbeat, but her existence is now linked to his. When the war to control this girl who will one day write the future into existence forces him to confront betrayal by those he most trusted, he must choose between his duty as the leader of his people or the ultimate destruction of her world.

Otherworldly beautiful and undeniably charismatic, the once favored Prince of the Irin is now the most hated monster of all time. Branded as a heretic and condemned for his crimes against the human race, he leads a sinister sect of former Irin traitors in an ongoing war for revenge against all who dare to oppose them. When an obscure prophecy becomes an astounding reality, he is forced to make a choice – risk all he has for one extraordinary human or destroy her before before she destroys him.

Meet Rachel Lee Walsh

R. Lee Walsh is an artist, author and proud mother of two beautiful and talented daughters as well as the caretaker for a 96 year old grandfather who battles with advanced Alzheimer’s--not to mention two lazy but adorable dogs, a kamikaze cat and a reclusive hamster named Wink.

Proving that truth is stranger than fiction, she has written hundreds of true stories about her unusual life experiences and developed a popular line of inspirational greeting cards, as well as being a writing coach and chief Morale Officer at Author Salon, a Project Development and Network site for aspiring authors.


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